Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Andrew Cohen's Quote of the week

Quote of the Week

Taking Absolute Responsibility

One of the fundamental pillars of the teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment is the individual's willingness to take absolute responsibility for his or her own self. You don't have to be perfect, because nobody's perfect. Even God is not perfect, in an evolutionary context. When I use the word God, I always speak about he, she, or it as having two faces: the Unmanifest and the Manifest. In the unmanifest realm—beyond time and form—God is inherent perfection, ever unchanging and always free from the process of becoming. But from the perspective of manifestation, in the world of time and form, God is struggling to create a perfect universe—and what a chaotic process it is! The entire creative unfolding is very messy and full of errors. But the good news always is that if you step back far enough and look at the process as a whole, you can see that there is development, and that is what is so deeply positive about it. But the manifest God isn't perfect. Why? Because he or she is still evolving. So obviously we couldn't possibly be perfect. That is the nature of the developmental process. But if you want to be a liberated human being in a developmental context, what matters is that you, in all your imperfection, are willing to take absolute responsibility now for your own self.

Andrew Cohen

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